Hi, I'm Tash!

Third year computer science student and graduating in 2021. I enjoy learning new things and solving problems that often require coming up with creative solutions.

Languages: Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Frameworks: Django, Flask

SQL: PostgreSQL, SQLite, MYSQL

Version Control: Git, Bitbucket

Styled Components: AdobeXD

This website is made using Python, HTML, CSS, Django and Digital Ocean

Human Like Instagram Bot

Using Selenium this bot automates the process of logging into an instagram account, navigating to a specified niche post and interacting with it.

Covid-19 Web Map: UK Cities

Reads in city locations, converts to geo coordinates and plots markers indicating the 'Safe Zones' in the UK based on the N.Of cases. Colour coordination, to indicate the status of the area.

Book Shop App

Using SQLite and Python to create an app where a user can keep track of their book collection. The user has the ability to add records based on author, isbn, year etc...

Mobile App - Mood Uplifter

User has the ability to create an account and supplies a 'feeling' as input. The system then searches and finds a quote from a text file to match that feeling.

Real Estate Website

An attempt to make a real estate website similar to https://www.immobilier.ch/ using Flask.

Interactive Dictionary

This programme takes an input from the user and pulls a definition from a file. If no word is found it suggests the closest match and provides the definition for that.

Systems & Design Security App

This app was written using Java and MySQL. Used OOP and basic security design principles. There are various users including authors, publishers and reviewers. In addition the app can be distributed.