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Webcam Security System

September 23 2020

One day I thought students in the library tend to leave their laptops open when they go for a walk, get a drink etc... And in some cases their laptop my be prone to getting stolen. So I thought why not have an a programme that runs in the background and uses the webcam to detect an unknown person who may attempt to steal, mess around with other peoples laptops and belongings. Essentially if an unknown person appears infront of the the webcam the programme takes a screenshot and sends that image to your email address. Of course this would rely on training the programme to be able to distinguish between the owner and unknown people.

Predict Stock Prices Using Market Sentiment !!

November 22 2020

This is the start of a programme that will aid in making financial decisions for swing traders (aka short term buyers). The objective of this programme is to maximise the return on any invest with the aid of analysing market sentiment surrounding a certain stock. For example the market prices are a reflection of the efficient market hypothesis that states that stock prices are a reflection of all davalaiable information. Currently trining the model using Bert and will tweak certain aspects here and there to get the desired results to maximise returns on investments.